Girl Scout Gold Award Project

Alanna Barnes has been a volunteer of HorseAbility since the summer of 2014. She is now a high school senior. Alanna just completed her Girl Scout Gold Award Project and chose to support HorseAbility. As part of this project Alanna built and hand painted a new tack box for a member of our herd.

Adelphi Students

On Saturday March 4th, 16 students joined us at the barn for a Day of Service. The students ranged from freshman to seniors. After meeting the heard they completed their project of the day which was to clean out all the eggs for our Annual Spring Egg Hunt. 5 Large bins filled of eggs.

Three Cheers For Syosset High School

On March 10th our Volunteer Director attended the Syosset High School’s Awareness Club Volunteer Fair. This is the third year she has attended this fair. The Awareness club comes to HorseAbility each spring to complete a Day of Services, and help out with anything that is needed at the barn.

Currently we have about 10 volunteers from Syosset High School that volunteer with us all year round. This recently includes their Principal and his daughter! In the past we have had many many students from Syosset High School that have joined HorseAbility as a volunteer. Many of which have graduated and gone onto college but still return as a camp volunteer during the summer. One student/volunteer (Tara Denning) even became a staff member!