Rae Natale

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Rae Natale and her family; husband Pat, and daughters, Ashley, Alexandra, and Victoria (Tory), have been an integral part of the HorseAbility family since 1998. Volunteerism is an inherent part of the Natale family. Pat is a trustee of the Benevolent Association for the Bayville Fire Company and both he and Rae are active members/volunteers of the Bayville Fire Company. Rae, an avid equestrian, grew up in Locust Valley where her father trained horses. Twelve years ago, Rae’s path crossed with HorseAbility’s when she donated her Paso Fino Hombre’s time to the program. They were seeking a program for Tory when it became apparent that there was a need to enhance her physical therapy regime. HorseAbility offered the opportunity to combine their love and passion for horses with a Therapeutic Riding program that would help Tory reach her needs and goals.

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