Vincent R. DiCicco, DVM

  •  Board Member

Dr. DiCicco has leaned on a lot of rails in the past twenty-five years or so. He believes that observation of your horse in motion is a critical ingredient in proper diagnosis and treatment. You’ll often find him at the track at the break of dawn, doing what he does best – figuring out what the problem with your horse is, and how to treat it.

Dr. DiCicco has been a private practitioner at many local raceways. Currently he serves as a private practitioner at Belmont Park/Yonkers Raceway/Saratoga/Aqueduct.

He is also a staff member at The Ark at JFK, monitoring the health of all horses imported and exported internationally.

Dr. DiCicco’s skills and interests include:

  • Equine medical practitioner and veterinary management expertise
  • Owner of Red Ground Farm Inc., Old Westbury, Long Island
    Lay-up and rehabilitation center for equine athletes 1985-1990
  • Key note speaker at 1st International Conference of Racetrack Investigators, Saratoga Springs 1996
  • Working as a consultant with various interest groups such as the Standard Bred Owners Association of New York (SBOAONY) regarding the health and well-being of racehorses, security at international racing events, and the supervising of activity around quarantined animals for both caretakers and labor personnel
  • Board Member Horse Abilities / Veterinary consultant for equine population
  • Prepared young graduate Veterinarians from abroad for State Board Examination
  • Trained students to assist veterinarians as equine vet techs
  • Have provided experience/shadowing to pre-vet applicants to satisfy requirement for admission to Vet school
  • Member of AVMA, NEAEP

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