Equine Facilitated

Equine Facilitated Activities/Therapy — Horses are amazing tools that mirror our behavior and emotions. They help individuals learn more about themselves and about relationship dynamics in people’s lives. From Seniors affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia to middle & high school-aged at-risk youths of all levels of physical, psychological, and social functioning as well as for those for whom horseback riding is contraindicated, but would still benefit from equine-related activities. The Equine-Facilitated Activities Program is an innovative, activity-based group or individual adventure that utilizes horses to work on peer relationships, self-esteem, attachment issues, trust-building, fear and conflict resolution, anxiety, depression, as well as many other difficulties.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy — Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) is a short-term experiential approach that can be utilized in conjunction with other modalities of counseling or psychotherapy or on it’s own. EFP is conducted by a team that includes a Licensed Mental Health Professional, an Equine Specialist, and one or more horses. After an initial assessment, a treatment plan is designed to meet the client’s needs. The format consists of an experiential activity with a horse or horses and a reflection about the experience. Activities are structured to meet specific treatment goals and may include ground exercises, leading, grooming, lunging, and/or riding.

Visiting Minis Companion Therapy Programs — Our team of miniature therapy horses are similar to their full-sized equine partners in terms of personality, intelligence, and disposition. With their calm, patient demeanor and willingness to interact with persons of all ages and abilities our minis consistently bring smiles to the faces of everyone they meet. Time spent with our Mini Horse Team can help children and adults with special needs as well as seniors to improve their emotional, social, and physical well-being. With our mobile therapeutic services, we are able to visit hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, schools, and rehabilitation centers. A typical visit is $350 for a 1hr—1.5hr (based on size of the facility). 

Visits can be extended for an additional charge. Our minis can travel to centers from Long Island to Staten Island. (Additional travel charge may apply for tolls/distance.) Visitors are also welcome to interact with the miniature horse team at their home here at HorseAbility. Individuals, schools, and adult living facilities are encouraged to participate.

Field Trips/Equine Facilitated Learning — Individuals, schools, organizations, and groups are invited to join HorseAbility for a day to learn about the gifts that horses have to offer. Stable care, groundwork, grooming, proper safety around horses, and riding are introduced. Hands-on activities, group discussions, and picnic opportunities are part of the experience. Scout Programs, Community Service or Professional Development Programs also available to the community.

To get information about sending your group to HorseAbility to experience Equine Discovery please call 516-333-6151.