Capital Campaign

ADVANCING HORSEABILITY — Today our facilities and programs strive to meet the needs of people with special needs. In order to enlarge our mission and resourcefulness, we are launching in two phases the “Be Part of Something Special” Capital Campaign. The first phase is the construction of an indoor arena. The unique features of the arena include dust-free footing, natural lighting and ventilation.

The benefits will be seen in un-interrupted programming with no more weather-related issues. The estimated cost of the indoor arena is $750,000. It is expected to take approximately 4 months for completion. The arena will have a full set of naming opportunities for donors. The second phase of the Campaign will include the renovation of the historic Barn on the property.

The Barn will provide offices, classroom space and therapy rooms. The cost will approximately be $1.5M. The second phase will not commence until all the funding is secured for the indoor arena as part of the first phase.

What prompted the idea to build an indoor arena? With new facilities, we will be able to provide uninterrupted treatment sessions and therapeutic riding lessons twelve months a year. Our children and families will benefit from our services without the unpredictable weather interruptions all year long. Moreover, having a consistent predictable schedule will allow for more efficiency with staffing and production of lessons. HorseAbility will be better able to partner with other organizations in the community, including health and wellness, education and industry specific initiatives.

What are the advantages of an indoor arena? The opportunity will allow us to offer consistent programming twelve months a year with no weather interruptions. This will afford us the opportunity to offer programming forty-eight weeks each year. This is an increase of eight weeks of programming which equates to an additional immediate increase of services offered by 25%.

How long will the construction project take to complete? The indoor arena will be erected in approximately four months’ time, barring extreme weather conditions. Our goal is to be able to complete the entire project and campaign, including the refurbishment of the barn in two years.

Are there additional phases after the indoor arena is complete? Phase Two includes the refurbishment of the Historical Brick Barn.

Will there be applications for grants? Yes, applying for grants is part of the campaign structure.

What is the anticipated capital campaign goal for the first phase of the capital program? The cost of the first phase of the campaign is approximately $750,000. Our campaign goals include receiving support from individuals, businesses, financial institutions, foundations and community organizations. 

Will the new arena provide more opportunities to generate revenue? What are some of these opportunities? HorseAbility will increase participation overall by 50%, including the number of daytime programs to five full days of morning and afternoon field trips, specifically geared for seniors, school groups, and veterans.

Will the new arena provide more opportunities to generate revenue? Who is leading the campaign? HorseAbility has engaged the services of a professional non-profit consultant to guide and lead our philanthropic strategies and organizational planning. In addition to our Board of Directors, the campaign will be led by Katie McGowan, Founder and Executive Director, and our Director of Development, Annie Follansbee.

Will the Board of Directors support the Campaign? We have 100% commitment from both the Board of Directors and the staff for this project. All are trusted and invested leaders, ambassadors and advocates for our Capital Campaign and this historic transformation of HorseAbility.

Will there be opportunities to seek donations from local businesses and corporations? There will be many opportunities for local businesses and corporations to be a part of our Campaign, as well as getting involved with HorseAbility’s many different programs. Naming opportunities will also be part of the fundraising program, recognizing those who participate at certain levels.


HorseAbility’s vision is to continue to thrive as a leader in the field of therapeutic horsemanship through advancing and implementing education, while further developing innovative programming by embracing and sustaining the best business practices in the industry.


HorseAbility’s core values emanate from being a center of excellence in the important world of providing therapeutic programs to the special needs population.

The predominant ideologies our center is based around are approach ability, belonging, leadership, education, impact, progress, professionalism, collaboration, honesty and transparency. To make a difference, our entire staff understands and advances these qualities. HorseAbility is a unique blend of passion, compassion, and dedication.